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Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Whether you learn German New Medicine (GNM), sometimes called New Germanic Medicine, or not, the bodily processes as rediscovered and distilled by Dr Hamer, ( are still happening to your body.

Ideally GNM should be taught to everyone from early life but that could be asking for too much in the current medical model.

You can still reap the benefits of learning GNM by learning now, before symptoms appear, or immediately upon symptoms appearing.

As I said, the processes as described in GNM are always happening in your body whether you are aware of them or not. Learning about them and the conflicts and emotional states that cause them will remove the fear associated with illness and allow you to downgrade or resolve those conflicts which may slow or stop the onset of a more serious condition that may require a more dramatic intervention, such as drug therapies or surgery.

An example of this is:

An infant develops a bad rash all over their body and the parents have tried everything. The doctor says these things can happen and to use a steroid cream. The rash clears up but returns when the use of the cream is stopped.

Everyone has an opinion and the consensus is that the baby is allergic to something they are being fed, or possibly some clothing, a fabric or a toy.

After exhaustive trial and error there is not much change to the rash and the baby is very unhappy.

If the parents had learned GNM they would have learned that skin rashes are due to a separation conflict.

The appearance of the rash coincided with the infant being moved to its own bed.

Many infants present with a rash when they are separated from the parental bed and moved to their own crib, possibly in another room.

Many infants will show a rash on their face when they are being weaned as a result of a separation from the comfort of the mother's breast when feeding.

By understanding what the body is doing and why, steps can be taken to downgrade or resolve the conflict and the condition will heal.

In this case, the parents returned the infant to the bed and slowed down the separation process, ensuring they touched, comforted and spoke to the baby in a manner that reassured the baby they were loved and needed and safe.

As the skin begins to heal it will swells up, becomes red, inflamed, irritated, itchy and sensitive to the touch. The small fluid-filled blisters will eventually dry up and the skin normalises, provided the infant does not relapse into the conflict again.

By learning how to resolve the conflict and what the healing symptoms are going to look like, fear is removed and the infant and the parents can be supported through the process.

The longer the conflict, the longer and more dramatic the healing so by learning GNM and resolving that conflict asap, a dramatic and possibly scary healing phase can be avoided.

If you would like to start learning about GNM or have some symptoms or a condition that you think GNM could help with, contact Tim on 0410 454 737 or email to arrange a free 15 minute discovery call to see if GNM is right for you.

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