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Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Isolation and loneliness, low self-esteem, wondering who you are these days, where you fit in and who are my tribe?

These emotional states, and many others, can have very direct and potentially long-lasting effects on our organs and body in general.

German New Medicine or New Germanic Medicine is a natural science that can explain how these emotional states and many others affect the body and how this awareness can work towards resolving these conflicts.

This wonderful science is the work of Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer MD.

On August 18th, 1978, his son Dirk was accidentally shot and died of his injuries. Shortly after Dirk’s death, Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Since he had never been serious ill, he postulated that the development of his cancer could be directly related to the unexpected loss of his son.

Dirk’s death and his own experience with cancer set Dr. Hamer on an extraordinary scientific journey.

For more information on Dr. Hamer click here.

One possible effect of loneliness and isolation is a condition called Kidney Collecting Tubule Syndrome.

Also referred to as “feeling like a fish out of water”, when we are unexpectedly “swept out” of our familiar surroundings or when we lose our “pack”.

In GNM, we refer to the conflict as an abandonment, existence or refugee conflict.

Abandonment conflicts are brought on by feeling ousted, excluded, unwanted, rejected, not understood, ignored, left out, isolated and alone. Children experience the conflict when they are put into daycare, when they feel unloved or excluded from the group (at home, on the playground, in kindergarten, at school), when their parents don't spend enough time with them, when a new sibling is born who gets more attention, when a grandparent dies, or when a family member leaves. It is the loss of safety and the loss of an emotional shelter which makes them feel utterly alone. The same can be said about the elderly who end up in nursing facilities, away from their home and their family. Newborns are equally vulnerable. Thus, being taken away from the mother at birth for one or the other reason can cause a severe abandonment conflict. Pets also suffer terribly when they are left behind.

An existence conflict is a fear for one's life - equal to the fish out of water in danger of dying. This fear is often triggered by a cancer diagnosis or negative prognosis associated with “my life is at stake” (compare with death-fright conflict related to the lungs). Waiting in an emergency room, being in an ambulance, and hospitalization (undergoing chemo treatments, surgery, not feeling cared for, a lack of support by doctors, nurses, or relatives) also evoke existence and abandonment conflicts. The fear of having to go to the hospital might already activate the conflict. An existence conflict also relates to one's livelihood. The feeling behind the conflict is “I have lost everything”. This could be the loss of a workplace, financial losses, the loss of a home, or the loss of a person who provided security, economically or emotionally.

A refugee conflict is experienced as being "thrown into the desert", as feeling uprooted or "in exile", for example, due to an unexpected transfer or move (change of neighbourhood, change of school) or being forced to flee from one's home or homeland. Traveling away from a familiar home or a loved one can provoke the conflict. Air travellers are particularly prone to suffer refugee conflicts. By the same token, feeling uncomfortable on an airplane (a fear of flying) might trigger an existence conflict.

This is an evolutionary response and designed to help us adapt to this situation. (Fish out of water)

The kidney collecting tubules will grow new cells to close the excretion filter in order to withhold water so that the organism has a better chance to survive. This innate water retention program is vital because without water all metabolic processes stop functioning.

Symptoms of this condition may be,

· Sudden weight gain

· Water retention

· Elevated uric acid levels

· Elevated urea and creatinine levels

· Decreased urine output.

For more information on the Kidneys and the conflicts associated with them, click here.

Through German New Medicine, you will uncover the events and emotions that lead to these conflicts and learn to downgrade and eventually resolve them, allowing your body to completely heal.

GNM has a lot to offer on this and many other emotional states or conflicts.

For more information, call me on 0410454737 or email me on to organise a free 15 minute discovery call to see if GNM might be able to help you.

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