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  • Tim Cookson


The sooner you learn and adopt the principles of German New Medicine (GNM) or New Germanic Medicine following a diagnosis or discovery of new symptoms, the greater the possibility of a less traumatic and invasive recovery.

GNM is not a therapy or protocol, but a natural biological science that accurately describes the action of the body to adapt to traumatic or significant emotional events.

Dr Hamer ( described these events as conflict shocks.

Apart from physical trauma such as a car accident, poisoning or deficiency, GNM will accurately describe all illness.

By learning the principles of GNM, you can navigate the development of symptoms, the reason or trigger events leading to those symptoms and ultimately the resolution of those events. This allows the body to run the adaptive program and successfully complete healing.

Many people naturally turn to conventional medicine in the first place and only when these avenues have been exhausted, they will try something new, like GNM.

In this case, the initial event that triggered the program is potentially left unresolved and actively running in the background. The longer and stronger the initial conflict, the longer and more dramatic the healing phase (illness or disease) will be.

The aim of GNM is to quickly pinpoint the reason for the conflict and downgrade or resolve that conflict as quickly as possible, hopefully avoiding a more dramatic and invasive response to the illness.

If you have symptoms, and illness or disease or would just like some more information about GNM, contact Tim on 0410 454 737 or to arrange a free 30 minute phone call to see if GNM is right for you.

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