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Have you seen multiple doctors and health practitioners with little or no success?

Do you often hear the phrase, "As far as we're concerned there's nothing wrong with you?"

Or maybe you get some relief, but the issue quickly returns?

German New Medicine (GNM) in Australia or New Germanic Medicine may be the answer.

Working with me, you will learn about the causes of what we call illness, which are actually-symptoms of healing.

You will discover how the body is trying to deal with the cause and why, and ultimately how to assist the body in the healing process.

You will trace back to the original event that started the process, see how certain tracks and triggers are keeping you on a path of illness and ultimately work with me to downgrade and resolve those triggers and allow your body to heal naturally.

Sounds too easy?

Give me a call on 0410 454 737 or contact me on to discover how GNM can work for you in a free 15-minute introductory consultation.

GNM as practiced in Australia and in many countries around the world, discovered by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer MD, is an exact natural science based on five biological laws.

These biological laws show that our organism possesses an inexhaustible creativity and remarkable self-healing capabilities.

It does not require any hypothesis, and in rigorous scientific terms, is reproducible for any patient case.

We human beings are of nature and everything that happens to us has meaningful, biological significance.

The practical application of GNM starts with a good understanding of the five biological laws. When we are aware that every symptom, including the development of a cancer, is part of a meaningful biological special program, then we are in absolute control of the situation. We are able to quickly overcome any panic or fear and thus prevent new conflict shocks and new symptoms, including new cancers.

Free from fear, we can fully concentrate on the conflict resolution.

There is, of course, no general answer as to how to resolve a conflict because the resolution of a conflict always depends on the individual circumstances. However, a practical solution is usually the best and most lasting. Since the healing symptoms are always proportional to the degree of conflict activity, downgrading an intense conflict is a most important step.

Reducing an intense conflict, for example, through finding partial resolutions, a change of attitude, or distraction, decreases the symptoms on the organ level. Thus, a smaller "conflict mass" also provides better conditions for going into the healing phase.

This is preventive medicine at its best!

The earlier we learn GNM, the better prepared we are for healing.

Extract taken from The discoveries of Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer MD as presented by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D.

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