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  • Tim Cookson


Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Have you recently received or are you already living with a life-changing diagnosis?

German New medicine (GNM) or Germanic New Medicine can offer a different perspective on what can be a very scary time and a life changing event.

As a practitioner using the principles of German New Medicine in Australia, and the techniques of Kinesiology, my job is as an educator to show you what is really going on with your body and offer a different perspective to conventional treatments.

GNM will give you a greater appreciation of your body’s innate awareness and remarkable self-healing capabilities.

The knowledge of GNM does not preclude the use of conventional treatments but adds awareness that every symptom, including the development of a cancer, is part of a meaningful Biological Special Program.

This knowledge will allow you to quickly overcome any panic or fear and thus prevent new conflicts and new symptoms. You will be free from fear and able to fully concentrate on the conflict resolution.

To see how GNM can help you, call me on 0410 454 737 or email to organise a free 15-minute discovery call.

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