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Are you sick of worrying about what you can and cannot eat?

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Do you suffer from Heartburn, Acid reflux, Gastritis, Irritable bowel syndrome, Leaky gut or food sensitivities?

Sick of wondering if you will suffer the whole night with heartburn or worse?

Tired of asking your host if the meal contains certain foods you know you will react to?

Do you suffer from food allergies and sensitivities?

Have you been diagnosed with leaky gut or Irritable bowel syndrome?

There are many elements to digestive issues and it's certainly not one size fits all.

Some causes may be:

  • Too much food or drink, an obvious choice.

  • Too much of one type of food. You will have your favourite foods and may tend to stick to the same few meals each week. This is called trench eating.. You are stuck in a trench or rut, eating the same few meals over and over again. They may be healthy meals but the body can suffer enzymatic exhaustion when we eat the same things all the time. You may also be limiting the range of nutrients you are supplying to your body. You may be suffering from a lack of a specific nutrient which in turn affects your digestion.

  • Food and drink in the wrong combination can have a profound effect on your digestion.

  • So much of what you eat has an emotional component to it. Good foods, bad foods. Do you associate certain foods with certain situations or feelings? All these conflicts or emotional responses can affect your digestion.

  • GUT health. Use of antibiotics and medicines can have a profound effect on your gut.


Through Kinesiology, you will discover and resolve any sabotages or conflicts in your thinking around food. Even thinking that certain foods are BAD is enough to set off a reaction in your body.

You will discover which foods are causing you problems and instigate a course of action to change your relationship with those foods.

A detailed food chart will help you to discover what needs changing. it may be as simple as removing certain foods for short periods of time to give the body a rest or changing the combination of food that you eat.

You will heal your gut by working through the emotions involved with food and eating and by modifying your diet and perhaps adding supplements and herbs. This may be as simple as adding enzymes and a probiotic to your diet, or may require more extensive dietary and supplementation changes.

From the GNM perspective, when you suffer an emotional conflict, the body may respond by activating a natural biological program to help you to adapt to that situation. At the moment of the conflict, the brain takes a snapshot of your environment, which may include what you are eating or food that is present. When you are presented with that food in the future, your body may perceive that the conflict is happening again, causing a reaction to the food.

The adaptation activated will depend on which part of the body is affected.

In the case of the Oesophagus, it might be your inability to swallow something in your life. It may be food but can just as easily be a situation. You may have expected a job, promotion, a deal, a purchase, an inheritance, a gift, an apology, or a proposal but were unexpectedly not able to get it.

Further down the alimentary tract is the Stomach, Duodenum, Pylorus and Duodenal bulb. The adaptive programs associated with these may be an identity conflict or a territorial anger conflict. You may hear the words, "I just cant stomach this .....(situation)".

Through GNM you will discover the conflicts that are causing these adaptive programs to run in your body and how to resolve or downgrade them allowing your GUT to heal.

To find out if Kinesiology or GNM could work for you ,arrange a time for a free 15 minute discovery call by contacting Tim at,

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