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  • Tim Cookson


Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Do you doubt your abilities, constantly running yourself down and comparing yourself to others?

These things and many more (see list below), may constitute a SELF-DEVALUATION conflict.

From the German New Medicine (GNM) perspective, self-devaluation conflicts can have actual physical effects on our bodies.

In an attempt to help you adapt to these stressful emotional states, the brain, psyche and certain organs will be affected to ultimately strengthen your body so that you can more readily cope with these stresses in the future.

As a practitioner of Kinesiology using the knowledge of German New Medicine (GNM) or New Germanic Medicine as revealed and taught by Dr. Hamer,

I can help YOU to identify those self-devaluation conflicts.

You will gain a full awareness of how and why the body responds the way it does, resolving or downgrading those self-devaluation conflicts, allowing your body to heal to its biological optimum.

Self-devaluation has very real physical effects on your body, in particular, your bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons, skeletal muscles, lymph nodes and vessels and blood vessels. These changes are adaptations initiated by your body to try and help you adapt to these situations and to ultimately strengthen those organs to better cope with these stresses in the future.

If not addressed and resolved or downgraded, the effect on your organs can cause many issues, such as bone depletion and weakening of the muscles, ligaments and tendons and in some cases Cancer and other conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and Motor Neurone disease.

The following is a list of the many things that can cause a Self-devaluation conflict.

· Embarrassment

· Shame

· Guilt

· Remorse

· Humiliation

· Diagnosis

· Failure as a person, mother, husband, wife, etc.

· Feeling useless

· Incapable

· Abuse

· Unable to perform, due to illness, injury, surgery etc.

· Unable to provide

· Unable to earn

· Debt

· Weak

· Too old

· Stupid

· Burden to others

· Unattractive

· “bad” person

· Aesthetic

· Disliking body

· Loss of status

· Injustice

· Can’t endure

· Worthlessness.

I'm sure you can identify with one or more of the above feelings.

Severe or profound central devaluations affect the bones.

Moderate devaluations affect the skeletal muscles, lymph vessels and lymph nodes, and

Light devaluations affect the cartilage, tendons, ligaments, fat tissue and the blood vessels. Veins and Arteries (other than the heart).

For example: A light self-devaluation over a relationship, not being a good parent or partner will affect the Axillary nodes or the nodes in the armpit. Which armpit depends on what handed you are.

There are many aspects to self-devaluation conflicts.

If you think you are interested in more information or think GNM could help you, call me now on 0410 454 737 or email me on to arrange a free 15 minute discovery call..


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